Maintenr is the vision of Aleksey Korzun, an auto-enthusiast from New York City. You might know him as the guy who was featured on Jalopnik for turning his small, Brooklyn apartment into a body shop.

Aleksey was tired of manually keeping track of his cars' maintenance records. He found sticky notes, that often got lost or damaged, were not enough.

That's why, in 2012, he decided to combine his passion for cars and expertise in engineering to create what we believe the answer to a lot of car enthusiasts' dreams.

What is Maintenr?

Maintenr is a platform that allows vehicle owners to easily take control of their vehicles maintenance records electronically.

Is Maintenr for me?

If you own any type of vehicle, the answer is yes.

Our platform has features to satisfy the needs of any car owner, enthusiast or not.

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